For NetWare virtual machines, you manually install or upgrade VMware Tools by using the command line.

Before you upgrade VMware Tools, consider the environment that the virtual machine runs in and weigh the benefits of different upgrade strategies. For example, you can install the latest version of VMware Tools to enhance the performance of the virtual machine's guest operating system and improve virtual machine management, or you can continue using the existing version to provide more flexibility and avoid downtime in your environment.


  • Power on the virtual machine.

  • Verify that the guest operating system is running.

  • Because the VMware Tools installer is written in Perl, verify that Perl is installed in the guest operating system.


  1. On the host, from the Workstation Pro menu bar, select VM > Install VMware Tools.

    If an earlier version of VMware Tools is installed, the menu item is Update VMware Tools.

  2. Load the CD-ROM driver so that the virtual CD-ROM device mounts the ISO image as a volume.

    Operating System


    NetWare 6.5


    NetWare 6.0 or NetWare 5.1

    LOAD CD9660.NSS

    NetWare 4.2 (not available in vSphere)

    load cdrom

    When the installation finishes, the message VMware Tools for NetWare are now running appears in the Logger Screen for NetWare 6.5 and NetWare 6.0 guest operating systems and in the Console Screen for NetWare 4.2 and 5.1 operating systems.

  3. If the VMware Tools virtual disc (netware.iso) is attached to the virtual machine, right-click the CD-ROM icon in the status bar of the console window and select Disconnect to disconnect it.

What to do next

If a new virtual hardware version is available for the virtual machine, upgrade the virtual hardware.