You can configure a virtual floppy drive to connect to a physical floppy drive or an existing or blank floppy image file. You can add up to two floppy drives to a virtual machine.


Power off the virtual machine.


  1. Select the virtual machine and select VM > Settings.
  2. On the Hardware tab, click Add.
  3. In the Add Hardware wizard, select Floppy Drive.
  4. Select the floppy media type.



    Use a physical floppy drive

    The virtual machine uses a physical floppy drive.

    Use a floppy image

    The drive connects to an floppy image (.flp) file.

    Create a blank floppy image

    The drive connects to a blank floppy image (.flp) file that you create.

  5. If you selected the physical floppy drive media type, select a specific floppy drive or select Auto detect to allow Workstation Pro to auto-detect the drive to use.
  6. If you selected the floppy image or blank floppy image media type, type the name or browse to the location of a floppy image (.flp) file.
  7. To connect the drive or floppy image file to the virtual machine when the virtual machine powers on, select Connect at power on.
  8. Click Finish to add the drive to the virtual machine.
  9. Click OK to save your changes.
  10. If you added a second floppy drive to the virtual machine, enable the drive in the virtual machine BIOS.
    1. Select the virtual machine and select VM > Power > Power On to BIOS.
    2. Select Legacy Diskette B: and use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys on the numerical keypad to select the type of floppy drive to use.
    3. Press F10 to save the settings.