You can run the support script from Workstation Pro to collect support data from the local host system or from the local host system and selected virtual machines running on the local host system.

On a Linux host, the script displays messages that indicate that it cannot collect some information because you are not logged in as root. If VMware technical support needs this information, a support representative will ask you to run the script from a terminal window as root. See Run the Support Script from a Linux Terminal Window.



  1. On the host system, select Help > Support > Collect Support Data in Workstation Pro.



    To collect data from the host system and a virtual machine

    Select the virtual machine and click Collect. You can select multiple virtual machines.

    To collect data only from the host system

    Deselect all virtual machines and click Collect.

    On a Windows host, the support script creates a .ZIP file of the collected data and displays the file in an open Windows Explorer window. Choose a directory location for the .ZIP file. On a Linux host, the support script creates a compressed .TGZ file in your home directory.

  2. Add the .ZIP or .TGZ file to your support request.