When you upload a virtual machine to VMware® vCloud® Air™, Workstation Pro copies the virtual machine to the VMware vCloud Air server and the virtual data center that you select. The original virtual machine remains on the host system.

Before you begin

  • Verify that the virtual machine is not encrypted. You cannot upload an encrypted virtual machine.

  • Verify that the remote host supports the hardware version of the virtual machine. If the remote host does not support the hardware version, you receive an error message.

  • Verify that the virtual machine is turned off.

  • Verify that you have login credentials for VMware vCloud Air.

For more information about VMware vCloud Air, see the vCloud Air - Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand User's Guide.


  1. Select a virtual machine to upload to VMware vCloud Air.
  2. Select VM > Manage > Upload.
  3. Select VMware vCloud Air and click Next.
  4. Enter your user name and password for the server and click Next.
  5. Type a new name for the virtual machine.
  6. Select a virtual data center to store the uploaded virtual machine.
  7. Click Finish to upload the virtual machine to the virtual data center.