When you select a LAN segment, the virtual machine uses a private network that can be shared with other virtual machines. LAN segments are useful for multitier testing, network performance analysis, and situations where virtual machine isolation are important.

You cannot configure a LAN segment for a shared or remote virtual machine.

If you add an existing virtual machine to a LAN segment, the virtual machine might be configured to expect an IP address from a DHCP server. Unlike host-only and NAT networking, Workstation Pro does not provide a DHCP server for LAN segments. You must manually configure IP addressing for virtual machines on a LAN segment. You can either configure a DHCP server on the LAN segment to allocate IP addresses, or you can configure a fixed IP address for each virtual machine on the LAN segment.

If you convert a team that was created in an earlier version of Workstation Pro, the LAN segment that was configured for the team appears in the LAN segment drop-down menu for each virtual machine.

You can click LAN Segments to create new LAN segments or delete and rename existing LAN segments. Deleting a LAN segment disconnects all virtual network adapters that are configured for that LAN segment. When you delete a LAN segment, you must manually configure its disconnected virtual network adapter to reconnect the virtual machine to the network.