On Windows hosts, you can configure Workstation Pro to support virtual printing on all printers configured on the host.

Virtual printing is disabled by default on Windows hosts. To enable or disable virtual printing on a Windows host system, select Edit > Preferences > Devices. Select the Enable virtual printers check box to enable virtual printers. VMware Tools must be installed on the virtual machine to enable printing. You must have administrator privileges to enable or disable virtual printers.

The Workstation Pro printer feature uses ThinPrint technology to replicate the host system printer mapping in the virtual machine. When you enable the virtual machine printer, Workstation Pro configures a virtual serial port to communicate with the host printers.


If any virtual printers are powered on when the Enable virtual printers option is selected, the virtual machines must be rebooted, or suspended and then resumed, for the setting to take effect.

See Add a Host Printer to a Virtual Machine