Workstation Pro creates a tab in the right pane of the Workstation Pro window when you select an item in the library. Tabs appear by default.


  • Use the links on the Home tab to create a virtual machine, open a virtual machine, connect to a remote server, virtualize a physical machine, use the virtual network editor, customize Workstation Pro preferences, download software updates, and view the help system.
  • Use the virtual machine tabs to view virtual machine configuration information, modify virtual machine hardware and option settings, and create or modify the virtual machine description.
  • Use the Shared VMs tab to see information about all of the shared virtual machines on the host system.
  • Use the tab for a remote host to see information about the remote host, including CPU, memory, and disk usage, and the virtual machines and virtual machine tasks running on the remote host.
  • Select File > Close Tab to close a tab.