You can configure how virtual machines behave when you exit Workstation Pro.

To configure virtual machine exit behavior, select Edit > Preferences > Workspace.

Table 1. Virtual Machine Exit Behavior Settings



Remember opened tabs between sessions

The virtual machine tabs that appear when you exit Workstation Pro appear the next time you start Workstation Pro.

If a tab for a virtual machine appears in the Workstation Pro window, the virtual machine is considered open even if it is not powered on.

Keep VMs running after Workstation closes

Powered-on virtual machines remain running in the background when you close them or exit Workstation Pro. If you deselect this setting, Workstation Pro prompts you for the action to take each time you close a powered-on virtual machine or exit Workstation Pro.

If a powered-on virtual machine continues running after you close it or exit Workstation Pro, you can interact with it through VNC or another service.

Show tray icon

If you run virtual machines in the background, use this setting to select how the tray icon appears. The tray icon is represented by three overlapping squares in the notification area in the taskbar on the host system.


The tray icon appears in the taskbar when no virtual machines are running, even if Workstation Pro is not running.

When a virtual machine is powered on

The tray icon appears in the taskbar only when a virtual machine is powered on.


The tray icon does not appear in the taskbar when a virtual machine is running, even if you restart Workstation Pro.