You can import a Windows Virtual PC virtual machine and run it in Workstation Pro. Workstation Pro converts the virtual machine from Virtual PC (.vmc) format to VMware runtime (.vmx) format. This feature is supported only on Windows host systems.


Download and install the Virtual PC virtual machine on the Windows host system.


  1. In Workstation Pro, select File > Open.

    If you have never imported a third-party virtual machine or virtualized a physical machine in Workstation Pro, Workstation Pro installs VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. After the installation is finished, you must restart the import.

  2. Browse to the .vmc file and click Open.
  3. Type a name for the virtual machine, type or browse to the directory for the virtual machine files, and click Import.


After Workstation Pro successfully imports the Virtual PC virtual machine, the virtual machine appears in the virtual machine library.