When you download a virtual machine from a remote server, Workstation Pro copies the virtual machine from the remote host and datastore. The original virtual machine remains on the host system, and a copy is created on the Workstation Pro host in the location you specify.

This feature is available for virtual machines on remote servers. It is not available for shared virtual machines or standard virtual machines on Workstation Pro hosts.


  • Connect to the remote server that hosts the virtual machine you want to download. See Connect to a Remote Server.
  • Verify that the remote server is running ESX, ESXi, or vCenter Server 4.1 or later.
  • If the virtual machine is powered on or suspended, power it off.


  1. Select the virtual machine on the remote server and select VM > Manage > Download.
    Note: You can also start the download process by dragging the virtual machine from the remote host into the My Computer portion of the Workstation Pro library or into any sub-folder of My Computer in the library.
  2. In the Download Virtual Machine dialog box that appears, type a name for the virtual machine, type or browse to the directory for the virtual machine files, and click Download.