You can configure snapshots so that Workstation Pro preserves states only for certain virtual disks.

In certain configurations, you might want to revert some disks to a snapshot while other disks retain all changes. For example, you might want a snapshot to preserve a disk with the operating system and applications, but always keep the changes to a disk with documents.


  • Power off the virtual machine.
  • Delete existing snapshots.


  1. Select the virtual machine and select VM > Settings.
  2. On the Hardware tab, select the drive to exclude and click Advanced.
  3. Select Independent and select the disk mode.
    Option Description
    Persistent Changes are immediately and permanently written to the disk. Disks in persistent mode behave like conventional disks on a physical computer.
    Nonpersistent Changes to the disk are discarded when you power off or restore a snapshot. In nonpersistent mode, a virtual disk is in the same state every time you restart the virtual machine. Changes to the disk are written to and read from a redo log file that is deleted when you power off or reset the virtual machine.