The traditional implementation of Workstation Pro relies on direct access to specific hardware features of the x86 microprocessor.

These features, generally called Intel VT or AMD-V, are also used by recent versions of Windows that support Hyper-V. Also, it is not possible to run traditional Workstation Pro on a Windows host with the Hyper-V capability enabled because some Windows features like the virtualization-based security (or VBS), are built on top of Hyper-V. Therefore, a VBS-enabled Windows host is also incompatible with traditional Workstation Pro.
Note: This feature is only available in 15.5.5 version of Workstation Pro.

System Requirements

Processor Requirements for Host System
  • Intel Sandy Bridge or newer CPU
  • AMD Bulldozer or newer CPU
Supported Host Operating Systems
  • Windows 10 20H1 build 19041.264 or newer
Note: For all other Windows host versions, Hyper-V must be disabled for Workstation Pro to power on VMs.