With Workstation Pro on a Windows 10, version 1803 or later host, when a Linux virtual machine has an SSH service enabled, you can configure quick SSH login to the virtual machine. The configuration enables SSH login from the host to a Linux virtual machine in the virtual machine library. The virtual machine can be running on the host or on a remote server running Workstation Pro, VMware ESXi, or VMware vCenter Server.

By configuring SSH login, you provide yourself with easy and secure SSH access to the Linux virtual machine now and at anytime in the future. You can then use a terminal window to access the Linux virtual machine, where you can view files, transfer data, and run the commands available on the Linux operating system.


  • Enable SSH on the Linux virtual machine, if not already enabled. See instructions for the specific Linux operating system.
  • Add the Linux virtual machine to the virtual machine library, if not already added.

    You can add virtual machines that reside on the host or on a supported remote server.

  • Start the Linux virtual machine, if not already started.


  1. Select the Linux virtual machine and select VM > SSH > Connect to SSH.
  2. Complete the form and click Connect.
    Option Description
    Username Enter the user name of the virtual machine.

    If 22, the default SSH service port number, is not correct for the Linux virtual machine you are configuring, enter the correct port number.

    Options You can use this text box to specify additional parameters to pass to the SSH client. For example, if you created an SSH key pair to log in to the virtual machine without a password, you can enter it here.
    A terminal window opens on the host desktop.
  3. Enter the password of the virtual machine.
    SSH connects to the virtual machine. During the first connection, Workstation Pro automatically saves the connection information for future connections.


You now have command-line access to the Linux virtual machine.

What to do next

In the future, to open an SSH connection from the host to the Linux virtual machine, in the Workstation Pro virtual machine library, select the Linux virtual machine and select VM > SSH > Connect to SSH.