When it runs in debugging mode, a virtual machine collects information that helps VMware technical support resolve problems.

To configure debugging mode for a selected virtual machine, select VM > Settings, click the Options tab, and select Advanced. The debugging level is set in the Gather debugging information drop-down menu.

Table 1. Debugging Levels
Option Description
None Normal mode. No debugging information is gathered. When this mode is selected, the virtual machine runs faster than it does in the other modes.

When the cause and remedy for the problem are found, return to normal mode by selecting None.

Full Select this mode if the virtual machine crashes and you want to send the debugging logs to VMware technical support.
Statistics Select this mode if the virtual machine runs very slowly under certain workloads. You can send the statistics file to VMware technical support.

If you select the Full option, you can select the Gather verbose USB debugging information check box for USB debugging purposes.

For local virtual machines, you can select Log virtual machine progress periodically to increase logging information for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. You cannot use this feature for remote or shared virtual machines. When this setting is selected, you do not need to edit a configuration file or restart the virtual machine to extract more detailed logging for VMware technical support.