You can use the virtual network editor to change the subnet IP address and subnet mask for a host-only or NAT network on a Windows host system.

The default subnet mask is, which is a Class C address. Typically, you should modify only the third number in the IP address, for example, x in 192.168.x.0 or 198.16.x.0. In general, do not change the subnet mask. Certain virtual network services might not work as well with a customized subnet mask.

When you modify the subnet mask, Workstation Pro updates the IP address settings for other components, including DHCP, NAT, and the host virtual network adapter, if the default settings were never changed. Settings that are automatically updated include the DHCP lease range and DHCP server address, the NAT gateway address, and the host network adapter IP address.

If you change any of these settings from their default values, Workstation Pro does not update that setting automatically if the value is within the valid range. If the value exceeds the valid range, Workstation Pro resets the settings based on the subnet range. Workstation Pro presumes that a custom setting should not be modified, even if you later change the setting back to its default value.



  1. Log in to the host system as an Administrator user.
    Only an Administrator user can change network settings in the virtual network editor on a Windows host system.
  2. Select Edit > Virtual Network Editor.
  3. Select the host-only or NAT network.
  4. To change the subnet IP address, type a new value in the Subnet IP text box.
    The address should specify a valid network address that is suitable for use with the subnet mask.
  5. To change the subnet mask, type a new value in the Subnet mask text box.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.