How you start Workstation Pro depends on the host system platform and the options that you selected during Workstation Pro installation.

On Windows host systems, you might have a desktop shortcut, a quick launch shortcut, or a combination of these options in addition to a Start menu item.

On Linux host systems, you start Workstation Pro from the command line. On some Linux distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1, you can also start Workstation Pro from the System Tools menu under Applications.


  • To start Workstation Pro on a Windows host system, select Start > Programs > VMware > VMware Workstation.
  • To start Workstation Pro on a Linux host system, type the vmware command in a terminal window.
    Option Command
    /usr/bin is in your default path vmware &
    /usr/bin is not in your default path /usr/bin/vmware &


The first time you start Workstation Pro, Workstation Pro prompts you to accept the End User License Agreement. After you start Workstation Pro, the Workstation Pro window opens.