You can configure when a generic SCSI device is connected to a virtual machine, specify the physical SCSI device to connect to on the host system, and select the SCSI identifier to use for the drive.

To configure generic SCSI device settings for a selected virtual machine, select VM > Settings, click the Hardware tab, and select the generic SCSI device.

Note: You cannot configure a generic SCSI device for a remote virtual machine.
Table 1. Generic SCSI Device Settings
Setting Description
Connected Connect the device while the virtual machine is running.
Connect at power on Connect the device when you power on the virtual machine.
Specify the physical SCSI device to connect to Select a host SCSI device.

(Windows hosts) Select a device. The menu shows the SCSI devices that are available on the host system.

(Linux hosts) Type the name of the /dev/sg entry for the device to install in the virtual machine. For example, if the device is named sga, type /dev/sga.

Virtual device node Select the SCSI device identifier to use for the drive. For example, if you select SCSI 0:2, the guest operating system sees the drive as ID 2 on controller 0.

The virtual machine must be powered off when you change this setting.

Note: For specific Windows guest operating systems, you might need to perform additional configuration steps to use a generic SCSI device.