If you use NAT networking in a Windows virtual machine running on a Windows host system, you can use NetLogon to log in to a Windows domain from the virtual machine and access file shares that the WINS server knows.

To use NetLogon, you need to set up the virtual machine to use NetLogon. The setup process is similar to the way you set up a physical computer on one LAN that is using a domain controller on another LAN.

To log in to a Windows domain outside the virtual NAT network, the virtual machine needs access to a WINS server for that domain. If the WINS server that the DHCP server uses on the NAT network is already set up on the host system, you can connect the virtual machine to it. To connect from the virtual machine to a WINS server that is not set up on the host system, you must manually configure the IP address of the WINS server.

After the virtual machine has an IP address for a WINS server, you can use NetLogon in the virtual machine to log in to a domain and access shares in that domain. Your access is limited to shares of virtual machines that are on the same NAT network or are bridged on the same domain.

For example, if the WINS server covers a domain with a domain controller, you can access that domain controller from the virtual machine and add the virtual machine to the domain. You need the Administrator user ID and password for the domain controller.