You can adjust the amount of memory that is allocated to a virtual machine. You must power off a virtual machine before you change its memory allocation setting.

To adjust the memory allocation for a selected virtual machine, select VM > Settings, click the Hardware tab, and click Memory.

The Memory panel includes information to help you select the appropriate amount of memory for the virtual machine. The high end of the range is determined by the amount of memory that is allocated to all running virtual machines. If you allow virtual machine memory to be swapped, this value changes to reflect the specified amount of swapping.

The color-coded icons on the Memory panel indicate the maximum recommended memory, the recommended memory, and the guest operating system recommended minimum memory amounts. To adjust the memory, move the slider along the range of values, or type a value in the Memory for this virtual machine text box.

Note: Allocating more than the maximum memory to a virtual machine might cause memory swapping. It can also negatively affect host system performance, including the ability to run Workstation Pro.