If the host system has multiple monitors, you can run a different virtual machine on each monitor.


Verify that the latest version of VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system.


  1. Open a second Workstation Pro window.
    Option Description
    Open a new window from Workstation Pro Select File > New Window. On Linux hosts, the windows operate in a single Workstation Pro process.
    (Linux hosts only) Run a separate Workstation Pro process in a different X server Use the vmware command with the -W flag, for example, vmware -W &.
  2. Start one or more virtual machines in each Workstation Pro window.
  3. Drag each Workstation Pro window to the monitor on which you want to use it.
    If a virtual machine is running in one Workstation Pro window and you want to run that virtual machine in another Workstation Pro window, you must close the virtual machine in the first window before you attempt to open it in the other window.
  4. To switch mouse and keyboard input from the virtual machine on the first monitor to the virtual machine on the second monitor, move the pointer from one screen to the other screen and click inside the second monitor.