You can review all snapshots for a virtual machine and act on them directly in the snapshot manager.

You must use the snapshot manager to perform the following tasks.

  • Show AutoProtect snapshots in the Snapshot menu.
  • Prevent an AutoProtect snapshot from being deleted.
  • Rename a snapshot or change its description.
  • Delete a snapshot.

All other snapshot actions are available as menu items in the Snapshot menu under the VM menu.

When you open the snapshot manager for a virtual machine, the snapshot tree appears. The snapshot tree shows all of the snapshots for the virtual machine and the relationships between the snapshots.

The You Are Here icon in the snapshot tree shows the current state of the virtual machine. The other icons that appear in the snapshot tree represent AutoProtect snapshots, snapshots of powered-on virtual machines, snapshots of powered-off virtual machines, and snapshots that are used to create linked clones.

The snapshot manager is available as a menu item in the Snapshot menu under the VM menu.