You can close a virtual machine that is running on the local host system without powering it off. By default, Workstation Pro prompts you to select an action when you close a powered-on virtual machine and when you exit Workstation Pro while virtual machines are running on the local host system.

Note: When you close a remote virtual machine, the virtual machine tab closes. If the virtual machine is powered on, it continues to run on the remote host.
Table 1. Close and Exit Actions
Action Description
Run in Background Continue to run the virtual machine in the background. You can interact with the virtual machine through VNC or some other service.

By default, a virtual machine status icon appears in the notification area of the taskbar on the host system. When you mouse over this icon, a tooltip shows the number of virtual machines running in the background that belong to the currently logged in user.

Suspend Suspend the virtual machine and save its current state.
Power Off Power off the virtual machine. By default, Workstation Pro powers off the virtual machine abruptly. The effect is the same as using the power button on a physical machine.

You can configure Workstation Pro preference settings so that virtual machines always run in the background and you are not prompted to select an action. You can also configure virtual machine option settings to control power off behavior.