You can change the hot-key combinations that you use to perform common virtual machine operations.

Configuring hot keys is useful to prevent key combinations such as Ctrl+Alt+Del from being intercepted by Workstation Pro instead of being sent to the guest operating system. You can use hot-key sequences to switch between virtual machines, enter or exit from full screen mode, release input, send Ctrl+Alt+Del only to virtual machines, and send commands only to virtual machines.


Familiarize yourself with the default hot-key combinations. See Default Hot-Key Combinations.


  1. Select Edit > Preferences > Hot Keys.
  2. To change the hot-key combinations for common virtual machine operations, click one or more hot key buttons on the dialog box.
    For example, to use Ctrl+Shift to release control from the current virtual machine, click the Ctrl and Shift buttons.
    The text under the hot key buttons describes the new hot key combinations.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.