Before you configure replication tasks to and from a cloud site, you establish a connection between both of your cloud organizations.

You can also defer authentication until access to that cloud is needed. For more information, see Working with the vCloud Availability Portal .


  • The sites occupied by the organizations must be paired. For more information about pairing cloud sites, see vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR Installation and Configuration Guide.

  • You must be an organization administrator at both of the organizations to perform remote replication operations. To only view remote replications, administration credentials are not required.

  • There must be an established connection between both of your cloud organizations.


  1. Log in to the vCloud Availability Portal with organization administrator credentials.
  2. Select Paired Clouds and locate the Actions column for each of the sites.
  3. Click the Authenticate icon for the site you want to connect to.

    The Authenticate a Cloud window appears.

  4. Enter the credentials for the organization.

    The connection to the cloud organization appears in the Authentication Status column.