You start a Failback task to recover a VM from site2 environment back to site1.


Verify that you have reversed a failed over VM.


  1. Log in to the vCloud Availability Portal with organization administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to DR Workloads and locate the reversed vApp you want to migrate.
  3. Call out the Actions pane by clicking the vApp.
  4. Click Failback to select the task.
  5. On the Failback page, use the options to configure the task.



    DR Network

    Enter the network the protected vApp connects to.

    Failback Seed Data for the vApp

    Enable the Resync before failback (migrate) to do a real-time data migration before failback to the destination site .

    Turn on the target VMs

    Powers on the VM after its migration.

    Consolidate VM disks

    When enabled, the Failback operation takes longer to complete but allows for better performance of the recovered VM.

  6. Click Start to initiate the Failover task.

    You can monitor the progress of the task in the Actions pane.


After the Failback task completes successfully, the Actions pane displays a Failed Back state for the vApp. The migrated VM is running on your site1 environment and is recovered from your site2.

What to do next

You can perform a reprotect task to protect the VM back to your target site2 environment. Also, you can detach the vApp. The VM is no longer protected and disappears from the VM lists in the vCloud Availability Portal upon task completion.

If the Failback task results with an error for any VM in the vApp, select Retry from the Actions pane, specify the network and whether to turn on the target VM, and Start the Failback task.