With test failover tasks, you can verify whether the source data from site1 is replicated correctly on the destination site2.

You perform a test failover for a replication and then delete the test in this sequence.


Verify that the vApp containing the VM is protected on your destination site2.


  1. Log in to the vCloud Availability Portal with organization administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to DR Workloads and locate the protected vApp that you want to test.
  3. Call out the Actions pane by clicking the vApp.
  4. Click Test.
  5. (Optional) On the Test Failover page, use the options to configure the test task.



    Test Network

    Enter the test network to which the replicated VM on the target site connects to. This lets you access the target VM and verify it operates as expected, and that data is replicated correctly per your replication settings.

    Failover Seed Data for the vApp

    • Enable the Sync before failover (migrate) to create a new instance of the powered on vApp and use that instance for the Test Failover operation. This is a real-time data migration before failover to the destination site.

    • Select a PIT instance to use an instance that already exists on the destination site for the Test Failover operation.

    Power On Test vApp

    Enable it to power on the vApp on the destination site.

  6. Click Start to initiate the Test Failover task.

    You can monitor the progress of the task in the Actions pane.


A successful completion of the task results with a Failover Test Ready state for the vApp in the Actions pane.

What to do next

From the Actions pane, you do failover, clean up the failover test, edit the configurations previously set for the vApp, or detach the vApp. If you detach the vApp, it is no longer protected by the solution, and disappears from the vApps list.