Assigning a policy to an organization or modifying policy settings for an organization can result in conflicts.

For example, to increase the minimum allowed RPO setting for an organization, you modify the existing replication policy, or assign a new one. After the modification, all new replications within the organization must adhere to the new setting, but existing replications are not affected by the change.

To check for replication policy conflicts, use the Compliance status table in the vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR portal. The Compliance status table lists all vCloud Director organizations to which a selected policy is assigned and if there are any replication policy conflicts. If there are conflicts, you must manually find the replications that cause the policy conflict.

You resolve a replication policy conflicts manually by modifying the replication settings of all replications that violate the new or modified policy, or by editing the policy settings.

To resolve a replication policy conflict, reconfigure or stop the violating replication. You can also, pause, migrate, or failover the violating replications, or edit the replication policy that the replications are violating.