Depending on your deployment requirements, you can add more vCloud Availability Replicator instances to your disaster recovery environment.



  1. Add a vCloud Availability Replicator.
    1. In a Web browser, go to https://Replication-Manager-IP-address:8441/ui/admin.
      The vCloud Availability Replication Manager service management interface login page displays.
    2. Log in as root.
    3. In the Replicators tab, click New.
      The New Replicator wizard displays.
    4. Select the site to which you add the new vCloud Availability Replicator instance.
    5. (Optional) Add a description for the vCloud Availability Replicator.
    6. In the API URL text box, enter the vCloud Availability Replicator appliance address and port 443.
      For example, https://Replicator-Appliance-IP-address:443.
    7. Enter the appliance root password that you set during the initial vCloud Availability Replicator configuration.
    8. Enter the single sign-on domain administrator user name and password.
      For example, administrator@vsphere.local.
    9. Click Add.
    10. To complete the addition, accept the vCloud Availability Replicator SSL certificate.
  2. Register the vCloud Availability Tunnel appliance to the new vCloud Availability Replicator by re-enabling the tunnel.
    1. In the left pane, click Configuration and next to Tunnel address click Edit.
      The Tunneling settings window opens.
    2. Enter the credentials for the vCloud Availability Tunnel appliance and click Apply.
    3. If you are running vCloud Availability 3.0, restart the new vCloud Availability Replicator instance.
  3. Re-pair the cloud site with all paired cloud sites and all paired on-premises sites.


A new vCloud Availability Replicator instance is added to the vCloud Availability environment.

What to do next

  • To use the new vCloud Availability Replicator instance, re-pair all sites.
  • To add another vCloud Availability Replicator instance, repeat this procedure.