To configure the on-premises appliance, you change the initial root user password that you set during the OVA deployment, and register the on-premises appliance with a vCenter Server Lookup service.


  • Install and power on the on-premises vCloud Availability appliance.
  • Verify that the cloud provider enabled the replication policy for your organization.
  • Obtain the vCloud Availability Public API endpoint address from the cloud provider.


  1. In a Web browser, navigate to https://On-Prem-Appliance-IP-address/ui/admin.
  2. Log in by using the root user password that you set during the OVA deployment.
    The Appliance Password window opens.
  3. Change the initial root user password.
    1. Enter the initial root user password set during the OVA deployment.
    2. Enter and confirm a new password.
      Create a secured password with a minimum of eight characters and containing at least one of each of the following characters:
      • Lowercase: a b c
      • Uppercase: A B C
      • Numeric: 1 2 3
      • Special: & # %
    3. Click Apply.
      The Getting Started tab opens.
  4. Click Run initial setup wizard.
    The Initial Setup wizard opens.
  5. On the Site Details page, enter a Site Name, optionally enter a Site Description, and click Next.
  6. On the Lookup service details page, enter lookup-service-IP-address, single sign-on user credentials, and click Next.
  7. Accept the SSL certificate of the vCenter Server Lookup service and click Next.
  8. On the Cloud Details page, pair the on-premises vCloud Availability appliance and the cloud organization.
    1. Enter the vCloud Availability Public API endpoint address.
    2. Enter the vCloud Director user@org user credentials.
    3. (Optional) Select Allow Access from Cloud.
      By selecting this option you allow the cloud provider and the organization administrators to perform the following operations from the vCloud Availability Portal without authenticating to the on-premises site.
      • Discover on-premises workloads and replicate them to the cloud.
      • Reverse existing replications to the on-premises site.
      • Replicate cloud workloads to the on-premises site.
      By leaving this option deselected, only users authenticated to the on-premises vCloud Availability Portal can configure new replications and existing replications cannot be reversed from the vCloud Availability Portal.
    4. Accept the SSL certificate of the vCloud Availability Public API endpoint and click Next.
  9. You can optionally join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program, confirm your choice, and click Next.
  10. On the Ready to complete page, optionally select to configure local placement and complete the initial setup wizard by clicking Finish.
    • You can configure data center to cloud replications, by leaving Configure local placement now deselected.
    • To enable cloud to data center replications, select Configure local placement now.
      Note: For more information, see Configure Local Placement.
    The on-premises vCloud Availability appliance is configured and after you log in to the vCloud Availability vApp Replication Manager appliance and navigate to Sites, you can see both cloud and on-premises sites available.

What to do next

If you skipped configuring local placement in the initial wizard, you can do that next.