Before you deploy the vCloud Availability appliances, you must define the specific VMware OVF Tool parameters for deployment.

The following table describes the parameters you must define when deploying the vCloud Availability appliances by using the VMware OVF Tool scripts.
Parameter Description
OVA The local client path to the installation OVA package. For example, use OVA="local_client_path/VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-Deployment-release.number-xxxx-build_number_OVF10.ova", where Deployment is Provider or On-Premises.
VMNAME Virtual machine name.
VSPHERE_DATASTORE The VSPHERE_DATASTORE value is the datastore name as it is displayed in the .
VSPHERE_NETWORK The name of the network on which the appliance to run.
VSPHERE_ADDRESS The IP address of the vCenter Server instance on which you deploy the appliance.
VSPHERE_USER User name for a vCenter Server administrator.
VSPHERE_USER_PASSWORD Password for a vCenter Server administrator.
VSPHERE_LOCATOR The VSPHERE_LOCATOR value contains the target data center name, the tag host, the name of the target cluster, and the IP address or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the target ESXi host. The VSPHERE_LOCATOR value depends on the topology of your vSphere environment. Following are examples for valid VSPHERE_LOCATOR values.
  • /data-center-name/host/cluster-1-name/ESXi-host-fully-qualified-domain-name
  • /data-center-name/host/cluster-2-name/ESXi-host-IP-address

If the target ESXi host is not part of a cluster, skip the cluster-name element, as shown in the following examples.

  • /data-center-name/host/ESXi-host-fully-qualified-domain-name
  • /data-center-name/host/ESXi-host-IP-address

For more information about the VSPHERE_LOCATOR value, run the ./ovftool --help locators command.