You can configure the on-premises vCloud Availability appliance to use a local repository for the upgrade.


  1. Prepare the local repository for upgrades.
    1. Install and configure a local Web server.
    2. Download the vCloud Availability 3.0.x Upgrade Disk Image VMware-vCloud-Availability-release_number-xxx-build_number.iso file from the My VMware download site.
    3. Mount the ISO image and copy the update directory to the local Web server.
      The update directory should contain manifest and package-pool directories.
  2. In a Web browser, navigate to https://On-Prem-Appliance-IP-address/ui/admin.
  3. Install updates.
    1. On the Configuration tab, click Edit against the Update repository entry .
    2. Select the Use Specified Repository option.
    3. Enter the URL address of the local repository by pointing to the update directory of the local Web server.
      For example, http://local-Web-server-address/update.
    4. To authenticate to the repository, enter your user name and password.
    5. Click Apply.
    6. Click Check for update against the Product version entry.
    7. Click Update and wait for the update to install.
    The appliance restarts automatically.

What to do next

After you upgrade the on-premises vCloud Availability appliance, complete the upgrade with a post-upgrade configuration. For more information, see Configure vCloud Availability On-Premises Post-Upgrade.