Create a collection of virtual machines in a single container, that you manage as a single unit. By grouping the virtual machines, you can set start and stop actions, change the boot order, set startup delays, and protect or migrate them as a single vApp in the destination site.

When you group multiple virtual machines, after migration, test failover, failover, and reverse tasks, this grouping in the target site is represented as a vApp with relations between the virtual machines:

  • The boot order works from top to bottom.
  • By default, the boot delay is set to "No delay" and is measured as the time since the boot of the previous virtual machine.

After creating the group, you can still edit all the replication settings of the group, but you cannot include or exclude virtual machines. You can perform replication operations on the group or on a single virtual machine from it.

If you failover one of the virtual machines in a group, in the destination you see two vApps with the same name: the first contains the virtual machine that you failed over and the other that contains the remaining virtual machines from the group.