By default, vCloud Availability automatically synchronizes VMware vCloud Director organizations information every hour. You can initiate a manual synchronization between vCloud Availability and VMware vCloud Director, and reflect recent vCloud Director organization modifications.


  1. Log in to the vCloud Availability Portal by using System administrator credentials.
  2. In the left pane, click Policies.
  3. (Optional) Manually synchronize vCloud Availability with vCloud Director, by clicking Sync with Cloud.
    The manual synchronization between vCloud Availability and vCloud Director performs the following actions.
    • The default replication policy automatically assigns to newly created vCloud Director organizations.
    • vCloud Availability cleans up leftover mappings for recently deleted vCloud Director organizations.

    If you recently created a vCloud Director organization and auto synchronization did not occur, the new organization is not assigned automatically to the default replication policy. If you configure an incoming or an outgoing replication for a vApp in the newly created organization, vCloud Availability treats the organization as if the default replication policy is assigned.