vCloud Availability offers simple and secure onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services. Migrate and protect vSphere workloads: from on-premises sites to a multi-tenant cloud site and the reverse, and between cloud sites.

  • After a tenant onboards with a cloud provider, the vCloud Availability On-Premises Appliance is paired with the cloud site.vSphere workloads like vApps and virtual machines can be migrated or protected to and from that cloud site.
  • After pairing a cloud site with another cloud site, the vSphere workloads can be migrated or protected between the cloud sites.
  • When vCloud Availability is paired with another site, tenants and service providers can:
    • Replicate vSphere workloads to that site. After replicating the workload, when using a protection - the workload in the source site keeps staying active. When using a migration - the workload in the destination site becomes active.
    • Perform disaster recovery workflows like test failover, failover, and reverse tasks on the replicated vSphere workloads.
  • Tenants and service providers can manage replications and perform workflows in the vCloud Availability Portal or in vCloud Director. Tenants can also use the vCloud Availability vSphere Client Plug-In.
  • Replication policies can be set per-tenant or per-organization. The replication policies disallow or allow the incoming or the outgoing replications. The policies also control the maximum number of virtual machines, the maximum number of retained instances per replication and the minimum Recovery Point Objective (RPO).