Assigning a replication policy to an organization or modifying an existing replication policy assigned to an organization, can result in conflicts.

When you assign a replication policy to an organization or modify an existing replication policy that is already assigned, all new replications in the organization must adhere to the new replication policy attributes. The replication policy modification does not affect existing replications in the organization and can cause replication policy conflicts. See Check for Replication Policy Conflicts.

Resolving Replication Policy Conflicts

You can manually resolve replication conflicts that a replication policy shows, by modifying the replication policy or by modifying all replications that conflict the replication policy.

  • Reconfigure the replication policy attributes that the replications are violating.
  • Reconfigure the replication settings of all replications that violate the policy. You can also, stop, pause, migrate, or failover the conflicting replications.