The virtual infrastructure provides support for backing guest memory with 1GB pages for memory intensive and large memory VNF-Cs. Such VNF-Cs can potentially experience improved performance because of the increased translation lookaside buffers (TLB) access efficiency. A larger TLB covers a greater range of memory reducing the TLB misses.

To use 1GB pages to back VNF-C guest operating system memory, you apply the option sched.mem.lpage.enable1GPage = TRUE to the VM. Further information is available in Backing Guest vRAM with 1GB Pages.

Before you configure Huge Pages, make sure that the VM's memory reservation is configured to the maximum value so that all the vRAM can be pre-allocated at the time of the VM's power-on. You must also consider the resource availability for other workloads in the cluster such as HA and DRS.

To set Huge Pages, follow the steps:

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, power-off the VM.
  2. Right click the VM and select Edit Settings.
  3. Click VM Options and select Advanced.
  4. Scroll down to Configuration Parameters and select Edit Settings.
  5. Click Add Configuration Params and enter sched.mem.lpage.enable1GPage = TRUE.


  • Set sched.mem.lpage.enable1GPage = True to enable Huge Pages.