This section provides a brief description about the Authors and Contributors.

The following authors co-wrote this paper:

  • Arunkumar Kodagi Ramachandra, Solutions Architect, NFV Solutions Engineering, VMware

  • Indranil Bal, Solution Consultant, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • Pradip Kadam, Solution Consultant, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • Tuan Nguyen, Senior Solutions Engineer, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • Sumit Verdi, Director Lighthouse Solutions, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • T. Sridhar, Principal Engineer & Chief Architect, NFV Solutions, VMware

Many thanks for contributions from:

  • Ramkumar Venketaramani, Director Product Management, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • Jambi Ganbar, Sr. Technical Solutions Manager, NFV Solutions Engineering, VMware

  • Andrea Li, Lead Solutions Test Architect, NFV Solutions Engineering, VMware

  • Michelle Han, Director, Solutions Testing and Validation, NFV Solutions Engineering, VMware

  • Danny Lin, Sr. Director Product Management and Architecture, NFV Solutions, VMware

  • Dobrinka Boeva, Sr. Staff Technical Writer, Information Experience, VMware

Special thanks for their valuable feedback to:

  • Frank Escaros-Buechsel, Mikael Brihed, Henrik Oberg, Mauricio Valdueza, Giridhar Jayavelu, Mark Voelker, Richard Boswell, Neil Moore, Mike Richer, Mustafa Bayramov.