This release of vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition introduces VMware Integrated OpenStack together with NSX-T Data Center, which is the next-generation advanced networking stack of the NFVI. vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition explores the transformation of the CSP private cloud environments to next-generation NFV networks by using multitenant design objectives.

Considering a Three-Pod design, the following diagram illustrates how the Resource Pod enables both accelerated and normal workloads with the NSX-T Data Center N-VDS switch in Enhanced Data Path (N-VDS (E)) and Standard (N-VDS (S)) modes. A separate Edge Pod provides external connectivity with different options for scale and performance.

Figure 1. Private Cloud with Multiple Tenants

Private Cloud with Multiple Tenants

The diagram illustrates how a fully-integrated VMware Integrated OpenStack Compute Zone, Project and Tenant vDC, as well as NSX-T logical switches and Tier-1 logical routers can be leveraged to provide a multitenant environment for deploying VNFs. The Edge Pod hosts the Tier-0 logical routers are used as provider routers for external network connectivity. The NSX Manager provisions the Tier-0 Edge routers, whereas other networking components can be created by using VMware Integrated OpenStack.