VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition combines a carrier grade NFV infrastructure with VMware® Integrated OpenStack as the NFV Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM). This version of the vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition platform combines the OpenStack API with stable and supportable vCloud NFV Infrastructure (NFVI). This way, vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition provides a platform to support Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in realizing the goal for network modernization and business transformation.

The vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition platform implements a modular design with abstractions that enable multi-vendor, multi-domain, and hybrid physical, and virtual execution environments. The IaaS layer that is exposed through the upstream OpenStack Queens release, provides a CI/CD environment for workload life cycle management. The platform also delivers an automation framework to interoperate with external functions for service orchestration and management.

In addition to the core NFV infrastructure components for compute, storage, networking, and VIM, the vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition platform includes a fully integrated suite for operational intelligence and monitoring. This suite can be used to further enhance the runtime environments with workflows for dynamic workload optimization and proactive issue avoidance.

Figure 1. vCloud NFV Components

NFV platform

The vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition components, their interactions with each other, and how they meet CSP requirements, are described in this reference architecture.