Upgrading VMware NSX-T™ Data Center to version 2.5 involves upgrading its components in the following order: Edges, Hosts, and Management Nodes.


  • Back up the NSX Manager before upgrading any of the NSX-T components. For more information, see NSX Backup and Restore.


    Before upgrading NSX-T Data Center from version 2.3 to version 2.5, you must upgrade ESXi Servers prepared by NSX-T to ESXi 6.7 Express patch (EP06). For more information, see Upgrade ESXi Host. To download ESXi patches, see KB 1021623.


What to do next

  • NSX-T 2.5 has in-built controllers with NSX-T Manager. After the upgrade, user can delete the existing controller VMs and deploy additional NSX-T manager nodes for the cluster formation.