The management plane functions reside in the Management Pod. The management plane functions are local to each site providing the virtual infrastructure and host management, network management, and operations management capabilities.

Resource Orchestration

The management of the virtual infrastructure by using VMware Integrated OpenStack functions is local to the individual cloud islands, however one of the instances can become the global context. The central VMware Integrated OpenStack federates identity across the various distributed Keystone instances within each of the distributed sites. The global VMware Integrated OpenStack instance can then be used as the centralized tenant authentication and delegation to the various distributed cloud instances.

Federated identity and the Horizon dashboard run in the central instance.

Operations Management

Operations management functions by using the VMware vRealize suite of components can be deployed in a single centralized site which can be used to collect and process analytics. The latency between sites should be considered in the design.

For more details on the operations management design, see the Analytics and Monitoring section.