The three main components that form the VIM functionality are VMware vCenter Server, NSX Manager and VMware Integrated OpenStack.

  • vCenter Server is the centralized management interface for compute and storage resources in the NFVI. It provides an inventory of allocated virtual to physical resources, manages inventory related information, and maintains an overview of the virtual resource catalogs. vCenter Server collects data detailing the performance, capacity, and state of its inventory objects. It exposes programmatic interfaces to other management components for fine grained control, operation, and monitoring of the underlying virtual infrastructure.
  • NSX Manager provides the interface for creating, configuring and monitoring NSX components. It is accessible through the graphical user interface (GUI) or through REST APIs and can control various components, such as the controllers, logical switches and gateways. The NSX Manager is responsible for the deployment and management of the virtualized network components, and functions used to support the creation of network services by the VNFs.
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack is the component exposed by vCloud NFV as the interface to the VNF services. It leverages the vCenter Server Appliance and the NSX Manager to orchestrate compute, storage, network, and imaging infrastructure services from a single, programmable interface. Components used to enable the services include OpenStack projects: Horizon, Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, and Heat. More detail about VNF services and components will be provided in the next sections of this document.