This section provides a brief on the virtual networking design by using VMware NSX Manager.

Figure 1. VMware NSX Manager in Three-Pod Design

VMware NSX Manager in THree-Pod Design

The second NSX Manager in the Management pod is associated with the vCenter Server instance that manages the Edge pod. Tenants use this instance of NSX Manager to deploy tenant networks and tenant network services from within their tenancy in VMware Integrated OpenStack. Although tenants can deploy their own edge devices for North-South connectivity, they will most likely need to coordinate their connectivity needs with the CSP network administrator during VNF onboarding.

For VNF Components that require North-South connectivity, logical switches are routed to the telecommunications network through the edge services deployed in the Edge pod. A VXLAN transport zone is created between the Resource pod and the Edge pod, which allows logical switches to seamlessly interconnect the VNFs in the Resource pod to the edge networking services in the Edge pod.

Figure 2. Virtual Networking Design for Edge Pod and Resource Pod Connectivity

Virtual Networking Design for Edge Por and Resource Pod Connectivity

Different routing scenarios are detailed in VNF Onboarding. These scenarios address the connectivity between VNFCs inside a VNF, connectivity between different VNFs, and connectivity between VNFs and their management components.

Each tenant has direct access over the compute, network and storage resources which allows them to create multiple routings, switching and security policies per tenant. Network services, such as routing, switching, load balancing, firewalling and micro segmentation are possible. The logical routing design is based on per VNF requirements and should be decided as part of the onboarding process. The next figure provides an example on the proposed portgroup configuration for a three pod design.

Figure 3. vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition Three-Pod vSphere Distributed Switch Design

vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition Three-Pod vSphere Distributed Switch Design