Building an NFVI and managing VNFs effectively is a primary requirement for all CSPs. Operation and management of the NFV environment must be tightly integrated with the other benefits of the solution.

The functions CSPs require include:

  • Discovery and Reconciliation. The NFV platform must automatically discover the network and service topologies across the physical and virtual domains, and reconcile runtime states as they change. The NFVI, VNFs, and VNF components (VNFCs) must be entirely visible to the operating personnel.

  • Performance and Capacity Monitoring. Continuous system performance monitoring must provide a holistic view of key performance indicators such as interface utilization, data rates, capacity demand, service-level agreement (SLA) violations, and component availability. The same system must be intelligent and provide capacity and performance forecasts with actionable recommendations.

  • Issue Isolation and Remediation. The platform must provide near real-time root cause analysis, and meaningful alerting for fast remediation and proactive issue avoidance.

  • Workflow Automation and Expansion.The monitoring platform must be expandable to allow integration with new data source consumption and coexistence with other elements such as OSS, service orchestration, service assurance, and big data analytics. Where possible, the monitoring system must provide a way to add third-party expansion modules for higher layer monitoring, such as VoIP and video quality