More and more Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are using vCloud NFV to embark on a journey to modernize and transform networks and services with virtualized software components. Collected requirements help shape the current and future releases of the vCloud NFV solution. These key requirements are introduced in this section and will be discussed in detail in the Reference Architecture section of this document. CSPs have specific requirements of NFVI, VIM, and FCAPS elements, based on the need to demonstrate progress in an NFV deployment while generating revenue from the virtual domain. For this reason, a great deal of focus is given to the ability to easily, programmatically, and repeatedly deploy services from a service component catalog. Since CSPs deliver services that are often regulated by local governments, carrier grade aspects of these services, such as high availability and deterministic performance, are also included in this list. CSPs must ensure that managing the NFVI and the deployed virtualized network functions is tightly integrated in the solution. The following sections explain the requirements in further detail.