vRealize Operations Manager provides visibility into cost of operations providing business management visibility on workloads, resources, and data centers that are used to deliver the services. Operations and planning teams can better manage their resource cost and consumption based on network function to resource ratio's and effective ROI in service delivery.

  • Reclaim Resources. Resource consumption is continuously monitored for utilization. This way VMs that are idle, underutilized, powered-off and so on, can be reclaimed to free up resource for cost avoidance.

  • Densification. Capacity consolidation can be another way to recover cost offsets that are caused by over-provisioning. Certain class of non-performance workloads can be tagged, and policy enabled for higher consolidation, allowing the operator to utilize the resource cluster with a dense capacity risk.

  • Optimize licenses. As with densification, VMs that have license restrictions that are tied to a cluster, can be tagged and enabled with policies. This way both the initial placement and on-going DRS balancing will respect the policy to ensure that such VMs are placed on the same cluster.

vRealize Operations Manager additionally provides an integrated cost management function for data centers. The cost of running workloads in a private data center can be compared to public cloud costs. Depending on the characteristics of the workload, you can consider the following options:

  • Migrate non-mission critical workloads to a public cloud.

  • Burst capacity into public clouds to meet transient spikes.

  • Use public clouds for upgrades and other maintenance activities.