After upgrading the vCloud NFV platform, you must verify that all components work as expected.




Physical Infrastructure


  • Both switches are reachable.

  • All VLAN communication is working properly.


  • In a browser window, open https://esxi_host


  • vSAN is accessible and is in a healthy state.


Management and Resource vCenter Server

  • Management and Resource vCenter Servers are accessible.

  • All cluster properties are correct.

  • All vSphere Distributed Switches are working properly.

vCloud Director

  • vCloud Director is accessible using its load balancer and using individual Cell FQDN.

  • vCloud Director is successfully upgraded, registered with vCenter Server, and configured to work with NSX Data Center for vSphere or NSX-T Data Center.

Site Recovery Manager

  • Site Recovery Manager is successfully upgraded on the protected (the Management Pod) and recovery sites and the sites are paired.

  • The protected and recovery sites are connected and the pair appears on the home page of the Site Recovery user interface.

  • Both Site recovery Managers from protected and recovery site are accessible.

vSphere Replication

  • The vSphere Replication appliance is successfully upgraded on the protected (Management Pod) and recovery sites and sites are paired.

  • vSphere Replication servers are registered with respective vCenter Server for both protected and recovery site.

NSX Data Center for vSphere or NSX-T Data Center

  • NSX Manager and its component connection status must be up and in Green color.

Operations Management

vRealize Log Insight

  • vRealize Log Insight is accessible and the network data is actively collected and stored.

  • All configured content pack components are accessible.

vRealize Operations Manager

  • vRealize Operations Manager is accessible.

  • All configured management components are accessible.

vRealize Network Insight

  • vRealize Network Insight is accessible and the syslog data is actively received and stored.

vRealize Orchestrator

  • vRealize Orchestrator is accessible.

Delete Snapshots

All Management Components

  • Delete the Snapshots that you took before upgrade as a prerequisite.