VMware vCloud® NFV™ is a modular, multi-tenant network functions virtualization (NFV) platform. It provides the compute, storage, networking, management, and operations capabilities to enable operators to provide virtualized network services.

vCloud NFV is compliant with the Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Architectural Framework of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The platform is based on VMware components that are tightly integrated and tested in specific configurations. These components build a cohesive and robust functional system that aligns with the ETSI NFV Architectural Framework and meets its business and technical requirements.

The vCloud NFV platform delivers the following ETSI NFV components:

  • NFV Infrastructure (NFVI). Provides the physical compute, storage, and networking hardware that host the virtual network functions (VNFs). The virtualization layer runs workloads that are agnostic to the underlying hardware.

  • Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM). Responsible for controlling, managing, and monitoring the NFVI compute, storage, and network hardware, the virtualization software, and the virtualized resources. VIM manages the allocation and release of virtual resources, and the association of virtual to physical resources, including resource optimization.

  • NFVI Operations Management. Responsible for the management of all resources in the infrastructure and the orchestration and life cycle management of VNFs. Includes six components that together provide operations management functionality for the NFV infrastructure of a Communication Service Provider.

Figure 1. vCloud NFV Platform