Welcome to VMware vCloud Usage Insight® documentation page. Learn how to set up and use vCloud Usage Insight to automate your monthly reporting to VMware.

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Ready to get started?

With vCloud Usage Insight you can automate the reporting, aggregation, and pre-filling of vCloud Usage Meter instances data in Commerce Portal, without losing control over the data before submission. You can also view and download the bundled monthly reports. vCloud Usage Insight reduces your monthly reporting overhead.

To get started with the automatic aggregation and reporting, see Getting started with vCloud Usage Insight.

Where do I sign up for vCloud Usage Insight?

If you have not received an invitation email, you can sign up at VMware vCloud Usage Meter and VMware vCloud Usage Insight.

Does vCloud Usage Insight work with other VMware products?

vCloud Usage Insight aggregates the reporting data from your vCloud Usage Meter instances. To learn more about vCloud Usage Meter, see VMware vCloud Usage Meter Documentation.