In vCloud Usage Insight, you can update the connectivity mode for a registered vCloud Usage Meter instance.

In VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, you can also modify the instance label, rental contract, term contract, site ID, and usage billing mode in addition to the connectivity mode settings. For more information, see this topic.


  1. In the top left pane, click Usage Meters.
    You see a table with all registered vCloud Usage Meter instances.
  2. Click the expand-card icon next to the vCloud Usage Meter instance you want to edit.
    A window with details about the instance appears.
  3. To start editing the settings, click Edit.
  4. Modify the connectivity mode.
    Connectivity Mode Description
    Online vCloud Usage Meter automatically uploads the product consumption data to vCloud Usage Insight.
    Offline vCloud Usage Meter does not upload the product consumption data to vCloud Usage Insight. At the end of the reporting period, you must manually download the product consumption data and upload it to vCloud Usage Insight.
  5. To confirm the changes, click Save.